About the lake


Mukooda Lake includes cold, cool, and warmwater species. As a result, nets were stratified into two different depth zones (deep and shallow). Special attention was given to make sure some nets target lake trout in deep, cold water with adequate dissolved oxygen levels.

Twelve species were captured during the 2012 assessment. Alarmingly, no lake trout were captured. However, enforcement officers have verified lake trout catches by anglers during the winter following the population assessment. Mukooda has an unusually diverse fish community that has likely been altered by the introduction of non-indigenous species. Generally, it appears that populations of cold water species are declining and more tolerant species are increasing. For example, bass, crappie and panfish are at or near record highs while cisco and lake trout are at or near record lows.

Northern pike abundance was the highest ever recorded for Mukooda Lake and noticeably higher than the previous record observed in 2007. Catches in recent investigations were at least 10 times higher than historic catches in Mukooda Lake. In 2012, eight year-classes were present and age ranged from 2-11 years. Recruitment appears consistent, with no year-classes more prominent than the others. Northern pike up to 35.8 inches were found in the sample.


– source Minnesota DNR